A culturally rich place best defined by its hard-working people, the distinctive Delta land, and the huge variety of still-thriving music genres born here.

Today, a new style of Mississippi music is taking shape. It’s not quite blues, country, rock, soul, or bluegrass. It’s a unique and artistic blend of them all, and it’s called MissiHippie Music. 

A style of music that is ripe for unexpected collaborations and that pays tribute to all of the great music grown in Mississippi, MissiHippie proves that the orange Delta sun isn’t setting on Mississippi-made music. 

It’s rising on MissiHippie Music.  

Stephen Michael is the founding artist of the MissiHippie Music movement. In summer 2019, another up-and-coming Mississippi artist, Jodie Ross, joined MissiHippie Music. Jodie is the 2019 winner of the Mississippi Music Foundation’s Song of the Year Award for her original song, My Favorite Memory. Lil Rounds, the popular former American Idol top-10 finalist, has also recorded with Stephen and MissiHippie Music with the October 2019 song release, “Ghost.” Additional collaborations are coming up!


MissiHippie Music Artists


MissiHippie Merch

MissiHippie merchandise is now available for purchase online and at all of Stephen’s shows. Shop MissiHippie now!

The MissiHippie Music brand was co-created in 2019 by Stephen Michael and Mike Hamlet

and is dedicated to elevating today’s Mississippi and Memphis musical artists to a nationally recognized scale.