Giving Back Through "No Peace for Me"

When Stephen Michael sat down to write his song “No Peace for Me,” not only did he set out to tell his own story of personally dealing with PTSD following his position in law enforcement , he wanted to help bring attention to the fact that many people with military and law-enforcement careers quietly suffer from PTSD on a daily basis.

Stephen wanted to let them know that they are not alone.

Stephen is a supporter of Companions for Heroes (C4H), a charity that provides companion animals and service dogs (on a case-by-case basis) to active-duty military personnel, military veterans, first responders, military spouses and children, and Gold Star Families at no charge to the recipients. The animals help while these heroes cope with the psychological challenges related to their service to our country — and the animals, too, are saved from shelters and rescues where they are otherwise at risk for euthanization.

C4H is an animal-assisted activity (AAA) program that recognizes the incredible power of the human-animal relationships and seeks to support those suffering from psychological stress as they pursue recovery with the unconditional love of a pet.

At every Stephen Michael show, fans can donate to C4H at the merchandise booth.

A retired K9 police officer who has trained dogs for service deployments across the globe, Stephen believes his experience with service animals has helped shape the songwriter and storyteller he is today.

“Learning to communicate with a dog who does not speak or understand you teaches you the ability to connect without using language. This is what has taught me to listen more in life and truly appreciate stories.”

— Stephen Michael